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What is and How to use Golden Ratio in Designing?

November 4, 2019
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November 4, 2019 loxcad

What is and How to use Golden Ratio in Designing?

Golden ratio which is also name as golden rectangle and golden mean is a mathematical ratio which was introduced by Greeks and the ratio value is called as Pi or in numerical form it represents as 1.618. This ratio comes from Fibonacci sequence, a naturally occurring sequence of numbers that can everywhere every time like number of leaves in a tree to the shape of shells in sea. Actually, this is a relationship between two quantities, and you can find it by taking the relationship and ratio of a selected small quantity to a selected large quantity which is equal to the ratio of large quantity to the whole value. It is very curious to know how Golden ratio relates with design. So, let us go deep down in to this to know how we can use the Golden ratio in design.

So, you can use this ratio in crating logos, shapes, layouts and many more. Golden ratio is mostly use in designing purposes such as web designing, logo designing, and architecture and in many artistic creations

Guide to use Golden ratio in design for designers

You can take this relationship to draw golden rectangle with harmonious proportions, to draw spirals over squares to create opposite ones and many more. But, do you know how to work out with this? Let us tell you the secrets of this amazing ratio and then you can apply this knowledge to the work you do on a daily basis?

There are four main methods to use Golden ratio in design purposes. They are as follows:

Typography and the defining hierarchy

Golden ratio helps you to figure out what size font you should use for headers and body copy on a website, landing page, blog post or even print campaign.

For example, lets take a body copy with 14px. If you multiply 14 by golden ratio value which is 1.618 you will get 22.652, meaning a header text size of 22px or 23px would follow golden ratio and balance the 14px body font size.

And also, if you want to find the body font size that should matches with golden ratio do the opposite. If your header size is 22px then divide it with 1.618 (golden ratio) and then you will get 13.596. so, the value for your body size to math with golden ratio is 13px or 14px (best goes with 14px).

Cropping and resizing images

When it comes to cropping, all you have to do is identify and remove the white space in the picture. But, how can you make sure the image is still balanced after resizing your picture? To delete your doubts, you can use Golden spiral and do your image composition.

For example, you can make sure that your image is balanced by keeping or overlaying the golden spiral on your image and then you can make sure that the focal point in the middle of the spiral.


Layout is really important to draws the user’s attention to your work. And for this leveraging purpose, golden ratio can help you the best to design a visually stunning UI.

For example, a page that highlights a wide block of content on the left with a narrower column on the right can follow the golden ratio’s proportions and help you decide where to put the most important content.

Logo development

If you are struggling to design a new logo and you feel stuck in it, turn to golden ratio to help you to sketch out the proportions and shapes. And remember that many popular logos follow the golden ratio.

Tools to help you use the Golden ratio

It is not necessary to calculate golden ratio using pencils and papers, because there are many apps and gadgets that will definitely help you to do it.

Here are the most common five tools and apps that will help you to use golden ratio in your designs:

Golden ratio calculator

This helps calculate the longer size, shorter size, total length and combine them together to get the golden ratio value.

Golden ratio sketch resource

This includes the golden spiral which will help you with image and layout composition.

Golden ratio typography calculator

Enter your font size and width; this will calculate the value for you. You can optimize based on font size, line height, width, and characters per line.


This tool design and analyse software and customize grids and templates that you can overlay on any image. This can also help in design and composition, product design, logo development and many more.


This is specially created for designers and developers. This app gives you an easy and simple way to design websites, interfaces, layouts and many more things according to the golden ratio. This also includes a built – in calculator with visual feedback that will store screen position and settings. Therefore, you do not have to rearrange the golden ratio for each and every task you perform.

The science behind the golden ratio

As you might know, golden ratio draws us back to Ancient Greece. Because the proportion of golden ratio is commonly found in nature, Greeks believed that golden ratio had a special influence on human perception. And most probably they were not wrong. But still it is amazing to think and wonder Why does it work? Who got to know about this?

Designs and things, we made using golden ratio are surprisingly beautiful and perfect. We can prove this as most of artworks designed by Leonardo da Vinci and Salvador Dali are based on golden ratio and also, they are great masterpieces to this day.

The inventor of golden ratio is unknown but we believe the inventor as the Greeks not someone specific but the all nation. The secret behind the perfect work out of golden ratio is that it satisfies our natural need for symmetry. Symmetrical things are more appealing and golden ratio is capable of creating symmetrical things to make it much attractive. This is why golden ratio is much crucial for web design.

Even though golden ratio is an ancient theory, it relates to our surrounding and also, it has the capability to provide prefect and accurate design which are really beautiful and attractive. And also, Golden ratio is capable to secure itself even with the new technology. So, all in an effort to make websites and other stuff as beautiful as possible for the viewers and that is exact why using golden ratio in your design should be important.


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