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Experience the Extraordinary world of Design

November 4, 2019
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November 4, 2019 loxcad

Experience the Extraordinary world of Design

What is a Design and what is designing? Do you have any idea about ‘What is designing’? Then this might be the perfect solution for you. Designing is an artistic work process which has a user perspective and drives development based on your needs and wants. Everybody has an artistic eye which helps you in designing process but the way each and everybody use it is totally independent. And also, it varies to different fields and projects. Methods and approaches differ depending on what you are developing but, we can say in certainty that design will help you to find and create new solutions in a very creative manner.

In the, world there are many types of designing that popular among designers. A few of those types of designing and more accurate details have been given below for your betterment.

01. Fashion Design

This is the art of applying aesthetics and natural beauty to clothing. Cultural and social attitudes influence this and vary with time and place. Designers research on fashion trends and create the best for the customers. They draw their idea and color it to bring life to the design. These designs are next bought by industrial garment producers and later created and send into the market.

The price depends on the company the designers choose since some companies use the mantra called ‘more quality the fabrics is the better’, while some other use the mantra ‘ the cheaper the fabric is the cheaper you can sell it’. Still, remember that the market for any designs depends on the creativity.

02. Interior Design.

Interior designing is the process of developing the look of the inside of a building or placing the furniture accordingly to create beauty and tidiness. The professionalism and the charm look is always maintained by the designer in order to exceed the expectations of the customers and never to ruin their interior surrounding.

You can just say that this method of designing brings life and a soul to a building or space and makes a space more functional pleasant and livable. All designers see things from different perspectives due to their studies and work atmosphere. They even have a set of their own clever tricks and tips to transform anything into a miracle paradise to live.

03.Graphic Design

Graphic designing plays a critical role in building a graphical explanation of communication. A designer create a visual concepts, using computers and software or by hand. They simply develop the overall layout and production for advertisements, magazines and etc.

A designer requires some essential skills such as creativity, communication and typography. Any people use this carrier since is a crucial tool which is used to make sure that you communicate with people in an efficient manner. There are no restrictions and you are free to express your imaginations.

This method is used to corporate design including logos and brandings, editorial designs such as magazines, newspapers and books and etc.

04. Web Design

This is the process of creating websites that are displayed online, and guided by certain principles for specific purpose. Creating a website is a serious task; it requires a good knowledge of using computers and software’s with the latest modifications.

They work to develop the appearance, layout, and the content of the website. The process of designing a web page is similar to that of presenting the content on the electronic web pages, where the users can access via internet with the help of a web browser. These use many of the same key visual elements as all types of designs namely:


This is the method of arranging the graphics, advertisements and the text. The intention of the web page provider is to help the view find the data they need in a glance.


The colors used in a site depends on the purpose and the clientele; it can vary from blank – and – white range to multi – colored designs and this usually conveys the personality of a person or the brand of an organization, which should be web – safe colors.


These include different logos, photos, icons or clipart, all which enhance the web design. These need to place appropriately, which should work with the colors and the content of the site, and these qualities will provide a user – friendly page.


A majority of web browsers can only use a selected number of fonts which is called the ‘web safe font’, so everyone work according to this general range.


The written text should be relevant and useful to avoid any confusions in the reader and to give them what they want in order to make the user continue on the site. The content should be of a suitable length, incorporating relevant keywords.

When creating a user – friendly website, the designer must pay attention to the following factors in order to design a site beautifully and visually compelling.


The architecture, menus and other navigation tools must be designed with paying consideration on the way the users browse and search. This is done to give the user an easier way of finding information they require.


The videos and the audio stimuli in the page are able to help the users to grasp the data, develop understanding in and easy and more comfortable manner. This encourages visitors to use you web site more.


Develop the web which can perform equally well on any browsers and operating systems which is an indirect method of increasing the numbers of visitors.


This gives the opportunity for the designer to create a more advance and an innovative design which will also be fresh, dynamic and professional.


The designer can increase the participation and involvement by adding comment boxes and opinion polls in the web page. This can even transform visitors to clients with e-mail forms and newsletter sign ups.

When it comes to designing or creating something, it is always necessary to understand the demand and it should run with the modern society. The person who does this is no ordinary human but a person with a good knowledge about the topic they create acquired through deep studies. We suggest, why you to learn these types of designing methods so that you have a color and uniqueness within yourselves designed by you.


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