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Develop self - Confidence

November 4, 2019
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November 4, 2019 loxcad

How to develop self – Confidence, if you are currently facing a psychological break down?

All of us wish to build a good self – confidence which is actually a trust upon one’s own self. We are all well aware of the benefits and advantages we acquire through confidence. But, how do you psychologically achieve something like that? What can a person who is literary non – confident can do in order to find the answer for the answer for the question, ‘How to build self – confidence?

Being in a state of this kind of mentality helps one in a million ways to be victorious in all the things one try’s in his or her daily routine. It supports you perform great, get attention and appreciated for all your work, it helps you achieve a promotion and a raise as well.

It also gets you attention and affection of the opposite sex too. To give you the easiest, simplest and the brief idea: it helps you achieve all what you want in life.

On the worse side, shyness and anxiety and lack of trust of your own self can damage or seriously sabotage your efforts and put a halt from getting what you want and what you desire. This is why we decided to dedicate a whole Blog post to developing your life trust.

There is something important you need to remember, it is a process. You cannot just build confidence overnight. The given five steps will work if put together and constantly over time. This is not something that automatically happens to you. It is a habit, it is a lifelong practice. Though you think you need great time and energy spent to practice this habit, the good news is you really do not need to do so, It is something that is not unruly or independent, which means it is under your control and completely dependent on you.

These are the 05 steps you need to follow to be victorious,

01. Use positive affirmation

To feel more motivated and completely away from anxiety, you can use positive affirmation – positive statements that are able to reprogram your state of mind to see the bright side of everything and s better light in yourself. These includes phrases such as ” I am the GREATEST”, “I am WORTHY”,”I can do EVERYTHING” and ” Everybody LIKES ME”.

There are multiple methods to do this. You can write down your mantra and repeat it aloud so you can hear yourself well like an echo from the outer environment every morning or every evening before bed.

You can even write them on a piece of parchment or a piece of paper and it somewhere where you will always see it like stick it on a wall or on a fridge. That was the exact thing we did. So, every morning when we are getting ready, we have no choice but to look at it.

We have got another idea, why do not try your affirmation written on a Bristol board and hang right in front of your bed which you will see every morning as you wake up or every evening as you go to sleep. This will make you feel like you are actually a part of something important.

02. Pretend it, until you make it

Though people fake or act in a self – confident way towards others, their confidence is actually developed and they start to feel better about themselves. This is one of the best principles followed in our day to day life. If you really need something but you do not have it, act as you already have it and promise yourself that you will get that particular item as soon as possible.

According to the recent researches, the more the idea is familiar to the mind, the more reality it will seem. The thing is how to make an idea more familiar? By repeating! More you think about it, more you say about it, more you believe it!

The best thing to do to build confidence is to pretend like a person who is already confident. We know that this sounds crazy at the beginning, but do not let it make you stop you from what you are up to.

Remember that this is process, so soon you will discover how natural and true that behavior will become with time.

03. Dress Smart in Formal Outfits

If you feel like you are losing or lacking confidence, the best and easiest way to regain the lost thing is to clothe like an authority which will boost you up. If you perceive like an important character with an important role, you will start feeling like one in no time!

Smart clothing is a universal symbol of status and the social stamina of an individual, so there is no matter in which country you are, you can always wear it. Things you are wearing can add extra value to your personality such as shirts, suits, gadgets and different accessories – they all make you look officially important in any society.

04. Speak Loud

The way you speak, talk and the way you project your voice is directly affecting your confidence. People who are usually shy tend to keep their voice low, they fear to draw attention which they think would draw if they spoke up.

You would have noticed that in yourself in meetings. There is always someone, the loudest of all, very self – confident, arrogant, who does not even think what others, think. And then there always those who does not even speak at all, and stay quiet, and even when asked – they speak very slowly that people cannot hear them properly. Next time you are in a meeting speak up, loud and project your voice.

You discover what kind of an impact it has on your confidence in the next meeting.

05. Sit in the Front Row

Do you rush to have a seat in the front row or rather seat in the back rows at big events?

We bet the latter, just like many other people do. The cause for this is that we do not want attention on us. We rather hide ourselves at the back rows so we are not risked of pulled on stage or asked questions.

But, let me make this clear. Who sits in the front rows in official company meetings? Who sits in the first row at fashion shows? Who sit in the first row in international conferences? The most important people!

By sitting in the first row, you make your way among to those people. You highlight yourself to others that you are one of the most important people and they will treat you like one accordingly. You will find out that you ultimately started to behave like one. You have been victorious in putting yourself outside the comfort zone – spotlight corner. You own the stage. The attention is completely yours. The light is completely yours. There is no choice to make, but to accept your position in here, a man with guts, a man with confidence. Once you accustom yourself for a position with no alternatives, it is insane how fast you get adapted.

The Bottom Line

We sincerely hope that your trouble with confidence is fully solved with the help of this article. It is always up to you to think whether you give up or you try just one more time to bring up yourself in society with important people. There is always room for practice. In this world, there are no losers but instead people with the ability to show up themselves with a good personality. This new personality is developed through self – confidence. Take this as a piece of advice and build yourself up, trust yourself.

Thank you for reading this and we wish you a successful future.


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