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November 4, 2019
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November 4, 2019 loxcad

Amazing and Astonishing Logo Types: Which might suit you the best?

When it comes to a business, no matter how big or small the business is logos effect a lot in the development process. You have seen so many types of logos all around you. When you see them, they have the ability to become the symbol or the trademark of that particular business. But the real truth is logos gives us a complex and more meaningful idea than you realize. When it comes to your own business, you need to design a unique and a meaningful logo. But naturally, you might feel a lot of pressure to create the perfect logo. Do not worry as we are here to help you to remove your stress out and we will guide you through the most famous and branded logo types to consider in developing your own logo.

But before everything else you need to have the perfect idea about what is a logo?

What is a Logo? & How much a logo important in your business?

Logo is a symbol or an emblem that a company has designed to visually represent their brand and products. The reputation and the popularity are depending upon how you interpret your logo.

Quite often, the first thing that your customer grab is the logo. Therefore, it cannot be just an image it needs to be a point of recognition for your customers and also, an important branding of your company.

Top 05 main types of logos

There are five main types of logos each with their own strength and unique characteristics. One style might work better for you over others, depending on a variety of factors such as company name, your industry and your potential customers. Each type of logo can serve a different purpose and help in branding your products.

With that, let us get in to each type of logo in more details.

01. Wordmark Logo

This is also named as the purest and classical type of logo. This logo is represented by the name of the company. Wordmark logo is more common for companies with short names. If a company name has two words, they can be stacked to save space. This topography becomes the centerpiece, and the stylized company name becomes a visual landmark of the brand.

Even though this is without imagery, there is a plenty of room to choose the typeface, colour, character features, spacing and shape.

The style of the words depicts the meaning and the personality of the brand, whether it is artistic, playful, educational or serious.

Wordmark logos are easy to apply across mediums, and they boost name recognition by being clean and uncomplicated. And also, now it very common for companies to shorten their wordmark logo in to an initial.

Coca cola, Google, New York times, Levinna and Jive are some of the most famous examples for wordmark.

02. Monogram Logo

If your company name is not a short one you will face lot of trouble making a wordmark. The best solution for this is the monogram logo or logo variation.

A monogram logo contains one to four letters, they can be the company initials or the first letters of the company name. This is a stunning visual symbol rather than a traditional identification for a company’s identity.

Therefore, the initials become the main key parts of the logo of the company. In your design, the main letters need to be legible but also memorable.

If your business and the company is new to the field write the full name of the company under the logo to build trust and recognition.

When it comes to monogram type logos, they rely only on the text. Therefore, you need to focus a lot and need to choose the right typeface. Your logo should be easy to read, but distinctive and very unique.

Television channel HBO, McDonald’s “M” or the interlocking “C” in channel’s logo are some of the famous and notable type of monogram logos.

03. Combination Logo

Combination logo is an amazing mixture of both wordmark and symbols. This has become the most common type of logo designs due to its flexibility in designing.

You can use the symbol on its own or just the wordmark or letter mark when you need it.

In combination type logos, you can add the symbol on top, below, behind or inside the text. It can even sometimes represent a letter in the company name.

Literally, this symbol is an identifying element of your brand. Companies can be very much successful in developing a strong brand identification by designing it from combination logo type as this a very simplified logo which do not want to focus issues like typeface and other related things.

Therefore, this is a better choice for new starters that need to develop a strong brand recognition among customers as combination logos are very adaptable to use and can form in a variety of formats.

Famous companies and brands like Adidas, Taco bell, Gridlabs and playnix use combinations logo to design their identifications.

04. Brandmark Logo

This is a separate image or symbol type logo design. The mark or the symbol can be a graphic representing a real – life object or an intellectual shape.

Brandmark logos does not include the company name. Therefore, we believe this is a huge disadvantage for a new business people and developing company who lack brand recognition as they are unable to broadcast their company name to the audience.

For these kinds of logos, you need to very careful in selecting the image as it depicts your company name and the message it conveys to the potential customers about your products.

These brandmark logos are very mush suitable for certain applications such as social media profiles and website favicons.

05. Emblem Logo

This is the most ancient type of logo formation. Simply, this is a symbol which is in circle or any other shape and a text is inside it written curved. Emblem logo is very hard to handle but still they are in use for occasions such as badges, seals and crests.

Actually, emblem logo is a symbol which depicts and image rather than being a typography.

Some more to know…

Other than the main 05 types of logos there are some other subtypes too. Let us look at them briefly.

  • Abstract Logo – these types of logos have pictures and symbols, but they avoid literal representation.
  • Mascot logo – includes illustrated or anthropomorphized characters which are vibrant, cartoonish and funny.
  • Letterforms – minimalistic version of monogram logos.
  • Slime logo – they have a cartoonish content instead of standard typeface or symbols.
  • Fonts inside a shape – usually have a name depicted in various shapes like rectangles, squares or any other.

Think twice before deciding…

Your logo is the living identification of your company, it will live physically in banners and posters, digitally in internet or social media and mentally in your customers heart. That is why your logo need to be very much perfect and accurate. Whatever the logo type you choose, your design should make an impression of your brand.

Therefore, design your logo which will definitely suit with company name and the symbols you wish to add and broadcast. And also, try to design a logo which will help you to build brand recognition among your targeted audience.


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